Away from bustling cities and crowded tourist places, Bhutan is the impeccable place to spend a romantic getaway. It is a green country that has a congenial atmosphere and mesmerizing landscapes. The country additionally houses many antediluvian sites that include fortresses and monasteries which are inimitable and unique in many ways. Travelers shall relish the steep mountains and valleys which feel astonishing and offers a treat to ocular perceivers. The adventure sports and other thrilling activities additionally magnetize tourists to the place. Rajiv Modal and his wife additionally wanted to visit this fantastic country, ergo, they decided to spend 7 Days in Bhutan on their honeymoon trip which they orchestrated with us. Here’s what they have to verbalize!

It was our honeymoon trip and we wanted to visit a place which has remotely cool weather in the first month of May and additionally cooler than Kolkata. But then a close relative suggested we visit Bhutan who had visited it in the same month a couple of years back. Rohini, my wife being an architect is always fascinated by historical monuments & Bhutan has plenty of them, along with it, the place has a wondrous climate, estimable cleanliness, and is circumvented by natural comeliness. Thus making it our first cull. Another best part is, Indian currency is accepted everywhere and all of this is what made spending 7 days in Bhutan sheer magic.

Since we were orchestrating to spend 7 days in Bhutan, shopping was something we conspicuously indulged in. Almost all of our shopping emanated from Paro as our guide suggested that goods in Paro are authentic. We would suggest bargaining as some goods are overpriced. Buddhist praying flag is famous, thus if you transpire to visit Bhutan then do buy them. Shopping in Paro is the impeccable place to buy souvenirs and gifts for your friends and families. At the Paro market, one can find exclusive items that represent the tradition and culture of this place. We would relish mentioning that Bhutan is economical and our Bhutan 7 day trip cost that we had set out discretely, covered it all.

Article contributed by:
Rajiv Das Mondal and Rohini Mondal
144, Remount Road, Kolkata,
West Bengal, India.
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