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Visit Bhutan one at a time, view and experience the country by traveling to each Dzongkhag / District. Each place has its very own unique culture and tradition that will simply make traveling to all the places a different experience, and a must on your bucket list when you are visiting Bhutan. Visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which precipitously sits atop a shelf on a cliff-face above Paro Valley. Explore the capital Thimphu’s markets and crisply painted Chorten. Head east across the Dochu La pass to the green vales of Punakha to reach the 17th-century Punakha Dzong. The arrival of migratory black-necked cranes is celebrated each winter in the rural communities of Phobjikha Valley, while Bumthang Valley shelters royal shrines and celebrated temples. Cross the Thrumsingla Pass to the east and you find minority villages with traditional animalist beliefs.
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