Guides and Transportation


The main representative of our company and our country are the guides who will be accompanying you throughout your stay in Bhutan. So it is important that we hire our staffs who are professional and experienced to keep you safe and share all pieces of Bhutanese knowledge.

In order to ensure that any visitors that visit Bhutan receive high-quality professional service, every guide must complete a mandatory guide training course without which they won’t be issued a license for guiding tourists.

Guides are trained to specialize in either cultural or adventure tours. Also, many guides complete various language courses in German, Japanese, Thai and other languages so that they can easily communicate with guests and all are proficient in English. And it is also mandatory that all tour operators employ only registered and certified guides so that there are no issues arising from any incidents due to unlawful obligations arising from the tour operators and their clients.

A minimum of one English-speaking guide will be accompanied by a group of 3-4 people and varying on the number of people. Any of your questions or doubts will be answered by the accompanying guide and will have all your tourist pass and fees already furnished or paid for.

Transportation Services

Transportation options in Bhutan are growing rapidly as the country gradually expands its infrastructure. Until 1961, traveling in Bhutan was quite difficult as there was insufficient transportation in the country. You even had to travel on foot or by mule/horse. The construction of modern roads started after the implementation of the first zoning plan in 1961, Bhutan then saw great development in the transport sector. Most districts and cities are connected by roads and huge development changes with feeder roads connecting most of the villages too. There are convenient land transport in the country and public vehicles can also be reached in large cities and most villages too.

During your journey with us, you will be traveling in various luxury cars, SUVs, and buses depending on the size of the travelers. All of the vehicles are well maintained and reliable so that your holidays/vacation experience is not ruined due to some transportation issues rather than enjoying and experiencing the moment.

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