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Nangyzer Tours and Expeditions is a local tour operator based out of Thimphu, licensed and registered under the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The company is exclusively run by experienced local tour guides who have years of experience in the Bhutanese tourism field.

Our office is located on the south side of the city for discharging an efficient service. In addition, we have a highly professional staff team with sufficient training and experience for any tour in their respective fields.

We provide a special and customized experience for any travelers traveling solo or in groups. We offer cultural tours and authentic pilgrimage tours in Bhutan. Moreover, we also have packages for unique trekking adventures in the high mountains of Bhutan.

Phurba Wagmo

Managing Director

Our Motto

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

We adhere to promoting and implementing the principle of “Sustainable and Responsible Tourism” responsibly in the activities of our everyday tours and promoting them. And our tours are designed for minimum impact on culture and the environment so that it leaves the least amount of carbon footprints but a lot of happiness and memories for you.

Also, our rich culture, indigenous tradition, and unpolluted environment are the core values of preservation, so that future generations can enjoy the essence of what Bhutan represents. 

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Govt. Certified and Registered

When you book your tour with us, you can rest assured knowing you will be in good hands.

Reliable and Quick Booking

Easy and swift booking with your VISA guaranteed and ready for travel.

Experienced Guides

All tours & trekking are accompanied by experienced local guides and staff.

Timely & Reliable Transportation

All journeys within Bhutan will be in luxurious SUVs and Buses for a most enjoyable journey.

Reasons to Book a Bhutan Holiday Packages with us!

For any tourist planning to visit Bhutan, one must buy a tour package to Bhutan prior to even traveling might come as a surprise and shocking notion to many but there are advantages to this mandate nonetheless. 

With 100% visa guaranteed and innovative tour ideas and superb service, our experience allows us to focus more on each client’s travel experience while striking a balance between the eco-tour and benefiting local communities.

Enjoy the hassle-free journey into Bhutan as you are guided to enjoy the stunning landscapes and mystical monasteries with Nangyzer Tours & Expeditions. Experience and taste the true life of local Bhutanese and its culture and customs. Travel with us for a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual journey into the land of Happiness.


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