Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Bhutan is at the same latitude as Miami and Cairo. The climate varies widely depending on the elevation. In the southern border areas it is tropical; at the other extreme, in the high Himalayan regions, there is perpetual snow. Temperatures in the far south range from 15°C in winter (December to February) to 30°C in summer (June to August). In Paro the range is from -5°C in January to 30°C in July, with 800mm of rain. In the high mountain regions the average temperature is 0°C in winter and may reach 10°C in summer, with an average of 350mm of rain.

Trip to Bhutan can be planned throughout the year but the best months are Mar, April, May, September, October, and November. Also, there are several festivals taking place during these months, offering an added attraction. Winter in Bhutan is from mid-November to mid-March and at this time of the year, the climate is dry and sunny for the most parts with perfect blue sky, temperatures peaking at around 15c in the daytime and falling below zero at night. The monsoon usually arrives in mid-June, with light rain falling mainly in the afternoons and evenings.

Bumthang9°C – 4mm10°C8mm13°C – 26mm16°C – 48mm19°C – 102mm21°C – 194mm21°C – 226mm20°C – 186mm19°C – 129mm17°C – 46mm13°C – 9mm10°C – 2mm
Jakar10°C – 5mm12°C – 10mm14°C – 32mm17°C – 59mm20°C – 129mm21°C – 244mm21°C – 271mm21°C – 219mm20°C – 155mm18°C – 57mm14°C – 10mm11°C – 3mm
Paro10°C – 11mm11°C – 24mm14°C – 50mm17°C – 87mm19°C – 145mm20°C – 262mm21°C – 316mm20°C – 250mm20°C – 192mm18°C – 71mm14°C – 14mm11°C – 4mm
Phobjikha Valley8°C – 5mm9°C – 12mm12°C – 30mm15°C – 56mm17°C – 102mm19°C – 186mm19°C – 220mm19°C – 181mm18°C – 128mm15°C – 51mm12°C – 9mm9°C – 3mm
Punakha15°C – 13mm16°C – 18mm20°C – 60mm22°C – 114mm24°C – 263mm25°C – 514mm25°C – 597mm25°C – 441mm24°C – 326mm23°C – 102mm19°C – 16mm16°C – 6mm
Thimphu10°C-10mm11°C – 21mm15°C – 48mm17°C – 84mm19°C – 149mm21°C – 273mm21°C – 325mm21°C – 256mm20°C – 193mm18°C – 70mm14°C – 13mm11°C – 4mm
Temperature and Rainfall Chart for Popular Tourist Spot in Bhutan
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